Dr. Masud Mansuripur

Super Course Faculty
Dr. Masud Mansuripur Chair of Optical Data Storage, University of Arizona Dr. Masud Mansuripur is the Chair of Optical Data Storage and Professor of Optical Sciences in the University of Arizona. His areas of research include optical data storage; magneto-optics; optics of polarized light in systems of high numerical aperture; magnetic and magneto-optical properties of thin solid films; magnetization dynamics, integrated optics for optical heads (data storage systems); information theory, optical signal processing, biological data storage, erbium-doped fiber amplifiers and lasers. Email:

Module 4:  Foundations of the Classical Maxwell-Lorentz Theory of Electrodynamics

  • Introduction
  • 4.1 Sources of Electromagnetic Fields
  • 4.2 Maxwell's Equations
  • 4.3 Energy in Electromagnetic Systems
  • 4.4 Momentum Density of the Electromagnetic Field

Module 5:  Dispersion and Dispersion Mitigation

  • Dispersion and Dispersion Mitigation
  • Introduction
  • 5.1 Pulse propagation in an isotropic, homogeneous, dispersive medium
  • 5.2 Dispersion mitigation in optical fibers
  • 5.3 Polarization mode dispersion

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