Dr. B. G Potter

Super Course Faculty
Dr. B.G. Potter Professor, Material Science and Engineering Dept, University of Arizona Dr. B.G.Potter is a Professor of Material Science and Engineering in the University of Arizona. Research activity within Dr. Potter's group is centered on the synthesis and study of glass, ceramic, and molecular hybrid materials for photonic and electronic applications. Active research and ongoing programs include: optically driven molecular assembly strategies, nanostructured photovoltaic energy conversion materials, photoactivated phenomena in glass and hybrid thin films, solution and physical vapor phase deposition of thin films and nanocomposites (oxides, inorganic-organic hybrids), thermal stability of complex oxide optical materials, environmental sensing, optical behavior of rare-earth-doped matrices, semiconductor quantum-dot ensembles, and optical spectroscopy. Email:

Module 2:  Optical Fiber Materials - M2

  • Optical Fiber Materials
  • Introduction
  • 2.1 Optical Properties
  • 2.2 Thermal Properties
  • 2.3 Mechanical Properties
  • 2.4 Chemical Properties
  • 2.5 Optical Fiber Geometry
  • 2.6 Perform Fabrication Techniques
  • 2.7 Double-crucible technique
  • 2.8 Optical Fiber Drawing
  • 2.9 Cabling

Module 3:  Attenuation - M3

  • Introduction
  • 3.1 Optical Absorption
  • 3.2 Optical Scattering
  • 3.3 Bending Losses
  • 3.4 Core and Cladding Loss

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